Rolling with the punches

So we plan… and then reality has other ideas. And when we have no choice in the matter, then we choose our attitude. Which is exactly what we are doing. Or attempting to do.

Yes, I had a walk today, a super one. I’ll tell you about “Day 32” in a different post, when I get around to it.

But for now, let me update you. Ginny, less than 1.5 days from a triumphant walk into Santiago, woke up in severe pain in the middle of the night. There was an ambulance ride to Santiago and surgery this morning for an ischemic bowel! She’s getting good care and putting her translation app and her sweet personality to good use. I will take a little break from the Camino and bus to Santiago tomorrow. (Gotta make sure the city is worthy of my spending another five days walking to it…)

Ginny is wondering if it is St. James / Santiago himself who is behind all of this or if the good Lord himself has designed a test we don’t yet know how to take or interpret.

It’s a reminder, anyway, be it here or there where you are, that we don’t know what our days hold for us. We can only do our best to enjoy each one and each other.

Be back soon!