A wonderful sleep last night. Couldn’t ask for better. If I had dreams, they were kind enough not to require my active participation. I have every reason to feel well rested. And, in truth, I do. I’m eager to engage with and in this sun-filled day.

But ready to put the pack on again and head out on a hike similar to yesterday’s 10-miler? I think not. It should be no surprise, then, that I find myself wondering how it will be along the Camino when I will be rising and heading out for similar or longer distances not for two or three days in a row, but for as many as 45 or more? Oh…!

I’m recalling many week-long bike tours on which I completed between 45 to 65 or more miles per day. “Eat, sleep & repeat,” as the motto goes. I fairly bounded out of my sleeping bag when awakened by the 5:00 am alarm–or by the sounds of zippers and clanging tent poles that often served as my morning wake-up call. Eager to hit the road. Ah, you remind me, I was younger then. How true! (Besides, Mother Nature was making urgent requests that got me up and moving towards an availablel Port-a-Potty.)

I will say this, however: almost the first thing I did upon rising this morning was look at Things–my cell phone’s “to do” app–which told me I had 27 new to-dos for today. In addition to the many that were new yesterday and which, due to the five hours of hiking, weren’t completed. In addition to…. Well, you get the idea. My “today” folder alone tells me I have 73 tasks awaiting my attention (the oldest of which, it also tells me, is 210 days overdue… but whose counting? Surely not I!).*

I think back to my bike touring days and come to a few conclusions. 1) Until I did the first one, I had no idea what it would be like. I had talked with experienced tour-takers and I had put in many hours in the saddle, but I had my share of doubts about how I would handle the challenges. Fortunately, those doubts were gradually erased by both my attitude and by just the actual doing what needed to be done to get from Point A to Point B. And so many rewards and such fun along the way. 2) My task, while on tour, was “to ride.” Away from home, all sense of other responsibilities pretty much faded as I got caught up in the moment.

My hope is that when I rise on day 2 of my Camino, I will be so well trained that my body doesn’t know a minute’s hesitation, and that I will be eager to begin what should be the only task on my to-do list: Ultreia! Onward! Step by step. Or as they say in Spanish: “poco a poco se va haciendo.”

*A comment and an evening update. First, the comment: no, I am not busier than you. Probably not by a long shot. (Not that we were having a “who’s the busiest contest.) But I’m probably a good bit more forgetful than you, so while you are busy getting things done, I am busy jotting down the things I must do. Besides that, I’m obsessed with lists. So much so that I actually have four reminder apps on my phone in addition to the one it came with fresh from the box. When the multiple lists on one app get too overwhelming, I just throw up my hands in defeat and start fresh with a new app. So much for the “comment.” As for the update: my log shows that I completed 28 things on my list for today, but I’m heading for bed with 57 tasks which will compete for my attention when they show up, many for the umpteenth time, when “tomorrow” becomes “today.” I can’t wait (hear me groan…)!