Dragging my feet!

If that is what you think, you are so, so, so very wrong. I’ve been picking them up with energy and enthusiasm. I swear! No dragging (yet)! But what I’m not doing is finding the time to catch up on blog posts. I’ve made brief starts on both Easter Sunday and today, and I have some good notes. What I don’t have is… time!

It’s 9:21. Haven’t had dinner yet. Haven’t showered (who cares!). Haven’t even taken off the clothes I muddied today on my walk. Haven’t … well, you get the picture. But not the full picture, because you probably don’t know that the nuns will be coming by our rooms to turn out the lights by 10:00 and the posted signs say that we must be in and stay in our rooms after that. (Or else, right?)

So…. no burning of the midnight oil tonight like last night. Have to get a good sleep so that we can face the expected snow from 8:00 until 12:00, then the expected rain. Uh, should I still be saying “alleluias” or agree with the cuckoo bird who has been following me for days with his message regarding my folly?

Don’t worry, I’ll show him yet! I’m showing him all along.

Long day tomorrow, and a shower will be in order as well as some clothes washing when I arrive at my destination. But still I have hopes of catching up. Just wait and see.

Night night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the …. oh, I’d better not even mention them lest I accidentally summon them.