Or I might have titled this post: EXPERIMENTING. Yep, I’m checking out what it might be like to blog from Spain using the WordPress app on my phone connected via Bluetooth to the portable keyboard.

Well, there’s one paragraph. Easy enough. If Kevin asks when he comes in tonight: “Did you try it?” I can respond in the affirmative. Hmmm…. I wonder where I would find accents should I need them in reporting what towns I walked to or through on my day’s route. But that’s seven months from now, so why worry, right?

Oh, but then I think how quickly the last seven months have gone. Seven months ago we were getting ready to head to White Springs, Florida, to escape a couple of weeks of Midwest winter.* The months since then have passed quickly, no question about it. The next seven will be no different….

Still…. I’m more concerned with getting my body in shape, with toughening my feet, with practicing the art of letting go and learning how to embrace simplicity. The accents can wait, even forever if it comes right down to it. (See, I’m already getting better at that letting go thing!)

Conclusion: this little keyboard does the job! And the tiny phone screen onto which the keyboard is projecting my words? It’s fine! More than fine! App, keyboard, screen, they have all passed the test. One less excuse for not blogging….

*Can’t help but mention that the winter we wanted to evade…. it awaited our return and dumped snow on us several times in April. Wondering if the Camino will “bless” us with snow in April of 2019. Stay tuned!