So, yep, that’s me!   Covered in fuchsia.   Ready for the elements! Hoping that if I have rain gear at my disposal while on the Camino, it will turn out to be totally unnecessary.  You know, like carrying an umbrella to keep the rain at bay.

Mostly, though, what I place in my backpack will be only the essentials, the bare minimum.  Now anyone who has seen me load or unload our van for a camping trip knows that a “minimalist” I am not.  I may never have been a Boy Scout, but the scout motto “be prepared” fits me.  I always have extras, “just in case.”  Why bring only one book—for a week-end getaway, mind you—when I might bring five?  Such thinking applies not only to books but to food, drink, and outerwear.  My go-to philosophy?  Always carry a layer or two more than you expect to wear so you have something in reserve.  And never—not ever, not even in summer—leave home without fleece.

Fast forward to April 2019.  Picture me with my open backpack on my right, a digital scale on my left, and many items awaiting the verdict of Judge Scale (“yes, bring it” “absolutely not,” “maybe, if you remove something else”), the reality of the spacial limitations of my pack and the weight-bearing limitations of my back being a very hard pill for yours truly to swallow.

No doubt I’ll have plenty more to say about “the packing list” dilemma as travel time draws near.  There’s little doubt, however, that the fuchsia rain jacket, providing it passes muster with this autumn’s rain and this winter’s inevitable snowflakes, will be accompanying me to Spain.   The wide-brimmed “plum” hat, too, because when the rain in Spain is not falling on the plane-Jane pilgrim, then the country’s brilliant sun will be doing so.  Either way, I’ll be covered.